(EFIT): Transforming Trauma and Grieving Lost Love – Part 3

In the first segment of Session 14 he describes his “Grief as the persistence of love”
I am using EFT Tango Move 5 (with micro interventions of reflecting, tracking, validating, evocative questions, heightening) – integrate, heighten, and celebrate the shifts he has made:
• We to review his interpersonal shifts and the emotional balance he is experiencing.
• We heighten the new safety/security relating to his ex-partner.
• We revisit his grief as an important part of his emotional balance.
• The emotions of his “Lost Love” are alive and in a paradoxical way, we heighten
how he treasures his weight of grief. I use EFT Tango Move 2 to assemble honor and heighten the core of his grief.

In the next segment of this final session, we consolidate the resolution of grief at the loss of his partner.
We consolidate his expanded sense of self as a kind gardener across relationships.
We also celebrate his experience of feeling more grounded, less volatile, and having a sense of wholeness.

In the final minutes of this last session, he describes how it has been “A Good Journey “ We consolidate the impact of the journey as connected to his initial goals.
We celebrate his shift from being “shackled” by fears and the impacts of traumas, to a new freedom.
We celebrate his shifts in sense of self and other
We celebrate that it is safe now to reflect on the traumatic events. He no longer needs to block them. – It is safe now to let the memories “flow through me” and not be held back by them.