Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) Video: Adam

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy Video 1 is a session with Adam (pseudonym), a survivor of a random attack several decades earlier. During Stage 1 stabilization there is a flow between basic encounters between client and therapist and between an image of the traumatized self being attacked and the present-day self who has consistently avoided directly encountering the brutalized self, despite recurrent flashbacks. During Stage 2 restructuring we flow between encounters with these two dyads – (therapist and client and between two aspects of self) – opening him to a new experience of compassion for the self under attack. As we follow his emotion from anger, hatred, and vengefulness he accesses fears of avoiding his emotional depths. Finally, deep loss and sadness associated with his trauma emerge. Lingering in his sense of sadness and loss, opens him to a similar, pivotal moment of loss that also forever changed his life – the death of his father. Shaping and processing a third encounter that is with his beloved, deceased father creates a very alive and transformative experience. He is no longer alone in the trauma scene. His shame and guilt are lifted with the presence of his father and we integrate the two disconnected aspects of self. In this session you will witness fluid movement through the EFT macro interventions known as the five moves of EFT Tango. Commentary of the therapy process is provided on the screen and Tango moves are identified.