EFT Stage 1 – After an Affair


EFT at the Intersection of Race, Culture, Gender, and Power

This session occurred as a live consultation session on October 31, 2020. It was an initiative of the South Carolina Subcommittee of the Carolina Center for EFT, promoted as an opportunity to watch Lorrie Brubacher, ICEEFT certified EFT Trainer, work with a couple in the presence of their therapist, to lay the groundwork to explore the wound of a shattered bond and to begin the path towards healing conversations.

Therapists who work from an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) perspective were told to expect to see Lorrie foreshadow the attachment injury resolution model (AIRM) in Stage 1 of the EFT process. Clinicians were also promised an experience of observing how the EFT model combines practical clinical skills at the intersection of race, culture, gender, and power.

Join the initial group of over 100 international therapists and therapy students who watched this courageous African American / Hispanic couple, to learn more about the EFT model – the most researched, effective approach to treating couples’ distress!

In this session you observe a couple prepare for attachment injury repair. You can see the therapist initially using the moves of the EFT Tango for exploring how culture and ethnicity shapes communication of difficult emotions and events. Then you can observe her moving with EFT interventions and Tango moves through de-escalation and some withdrawer re-engagement - into the beginnings of Stage 2 attachment injury resolution.