3. The Revolutionary New Science of Love as an Attachment Bond

Chapter three offers an experiential felt sense of adult romantic love as an attachment bond, similar to the bond that exists between infant and parent. Threats to an attachment bond are viewed as the element that casts romantic love in peril. I answer the questions, “How is romantic love an attachment process?” and “How does attachment theory provide a clearly articulated theory and science of adult love?”

My intention in this chapter is to immerse the reader in an attachment view of adult love that helps you him/her to discover how attachment theory serves EFT clinicians as a reliable and active guide from the first session with a couple through the entire change process.

I end the chapter by examining roadblocks commonly encountered by therapists seeking to internalize attachment theory as a guiding paradigm for couple therapy.

To taste the theme of this chapter, you may enjoy experimenting with the accompanying exercise on viewing couple interactions attachment frames and images.

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