13. Future Steps: You and EFT

“Seasons have come and gone since Emily first stepped enthusiastically into EFT. Despite challenges and setbacks, she is finding that her couples and the model itself continue to be an inspiration and source of meaning for her work. She savours the dramatic shift away from trying to fix couples’ presenting problems to taking a more empathic, collaborative stance as a process consultant, helping her clients restructure their negative cycles of interaction into increasingly secure bonds. She also finds herself experiencing increased compassion for herself and others in her world, an unexpected but not uncommon benefit of EFT training” (pp. 287-288).

In Chapter 13, I encourage readers in specific ways to use Emily’s integration of EFT as a model to trust their capacities to develop their own style of EFT, one step at a time. I encourage participation in the international EFT community as well as in local peer support groups. I review Johnson’s three pearls of EFT: Following emotion, focusing on attachment, and creating therapeutic enactments. I suggest ways of growing by experiencing the EFT model and take a brief glimpse at the future of EFT.

I end the chapter by expressing my hope that you now feel “ready to accelerate your exploration of EFT’s art and science of creating secure bonds. You’ve picked a winning route for your journey. Go for it!” (p. 295)

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